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Are Running Shoes Good For Everyday Use?

If you’re anything like the rest of the world, you’ve become used to comfort over these last few years. Running shoes have become a daily staple for people of all ages, and appropriate for most occasions.

We all love how running shoes feel on our feet, but are they good for everyday use? Forbes Footwear, your local footwear specialists, discuss why running shoes are, for the most part, an excellent choice for everyday use.

Good support

The modern world isn’t always kind on our feet. Our feet have a small arch which is designed to help us walk, run, balance and stand. Back many moons ago we were walking on softer surfaces like sand and dirt. These days, we tend to walk on hard, flat surfaces, which put a lot of unnecessary strain on our feet and provide no natural contour.

Wearing a running shoe with a great arch support can prevent and reduce foot pain by distributing pressure evenly. A favourite is the super comfy Saucony Omni-21.

Soft cushioning

We’ve all bought shoes which we thought looked pretty snazzy, but after wearing them for a short period realised how uncomfortable they are. Say goodbye to hard, leather flats and hello to wearing sneakers. A running shoe’s cushioning is super soft which delivers long term daily comfort. A great option is the classic New Balance mx857wn3 4e – you’ll feel like you’re walking on a cloud.


Wearing running shoes daily ensures your foot will be stable to prevent any issues or injuries. If you’re prone to rolling ankles or can see your feet naturally roll inwards when walking or running, it’s best to find a shoe with added stability. Look for a strong heel counter and laces to ensure the fit is correct and, if needed, a shoe which is orthotic-friendly.

Highly durable

Running is high impact, meaning a good running shoe must be durable to absorb shock and last the extra mile. If you’re wearing a running shoe daily you can guarantee they’ll last you a lot longer than any ballet flat or canvas shoes, saving you money in the long run (see what we did there?).

Where running shoes aren’t the best choice

So, there you have it, it’s perfectly fine and even beneficial to wear a running shoe daily. In saying that, there are time when running shoes don’t exactly hit the mark: if you’ve got a job interview or a dressy occasion, it’s best to opt for a more sophisticated shoe like the Hush Puppies Legend to put your best foot forward, yet still give you the underfoot feel you are used to..

If you’re looking to invest in a pair of running shoe for exercise or daily wear, reach out to the professionals at Forbes Footwear. They’re the best in the business and have been servicing the community in footwear expertise for over 80 years. They stock a wide range of shoes including sandals, work shoes, heeled shoes and have great options for hard to fit feet. Pop in store to have your foot fitted by one of the friendly, professional staff or check out their range online today.