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Choosing the Right Orthotic Shoes for Your Foot Type


We’ve all been there. You look for a pair of shoes, trawling all corners of the internet to find something you like. You finally find a pair that has great reviews in terms of comfort and that also appeals to your style. You order them, ensuring you get the right size, and when they arrive, they’re simply unbearable to walk around in!

How can this be?

Well, a shoe that’s comfy for someone else may be completely uncomfortable for you. That’s because feet have different shapes, sizes and characteristics which greatly impact the comfort level of a certain pair of shoes.

When shopping for orthotic shoes, comfort is the key characteristic that we’re aiming for, so it’s imperative that you buy based on your foot type. Here, Forbes Footwear explain how to choose the right orthotic shoes for your foot type.

Diagnosing foot problems

Experiencing foot and ankle pain or posture problems with your regular pair of shoes? One of the best things you can do is book in with a podiatrist for a check-up. They can assess your feet and tell you what you’re suffering from, which will better inform you when choosing the right orthotic shoes. A sufferer with plantar fasciitis, for example, may be recommended better arch support than someone whose main requirement may be a deeper toe box or softer upper materials.

Arch support

Most orthotic shoes provide better arch support, making for a comfier and more contoured fit. But the right type of arch support provided by your orthotic shoe depends on your type of arch. While some people have low arches, others have high arches, so a shoe that is comfy and well-fitting for one person may not be the same for the next person.

Cushioning and shock absorption

All shoes will provide different levels of underfoot cushioning. Sometimes it is provided through the cushioned innersoles, sometimes mainly through the sole materials, in most cases it is a combination of both. How soft a shoe will feel underfoot will depend on the category you are searching for. For example a top end running type shoe will be more cushioned than a business shoe. Often the shoes with arch support will not provide that feeling of underfoot cushion because they are more focussed on supporting (or correcting) the natural shape of the foot.


Your feet may be getting great support in their new orthotic shoes, but are they getting enough airflow? Breathability shouldn’t be overlooked when orthotic shoe shopping. Leather shoes and mesh type shoes shoes that promote airflow are great for letting your feet breathe.

Seek a professional fitting

One of the best ways to choose the right orthotic shoe for your foot type is to come in and see the team at Forbes Footwear for a professional fitting. Our team of experienced shoe retailers are trained in professional fittings, having helped countless customers find the right orthotic shoe – and the solution to their foot troubles! With over 80 years’ experience helping Australians find comfortable shoes, we know quality when we see it. Visit our Hornsby location or browse our range online today.