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Comfortable Shoe Styles For Summer

Is there any better time and place than summer in Australia? Long days at the beach, alfresco dinners and late nights with friends, road trips down the coast… it’s everyone’s favourite time of year!

And to have a proper Aussie summer, you need the proper Aussie footwear to do it. Gone are the winter boots and professional shoes – out come the laidback thongs and sandals.

If you’re looking for comfortable shoe styles this summer, the team at Forbes Footwear have you covered. Here are some of the trending comfortable shoe options for this summer, so you can put your best foot forward coming into silly season!


Durable, reliable and incredibly comfortable, there’s a reason why Birkenstocks have been a popular type of sandal since 1774… yep, that’s almost 250 years of high quality sandal making. Birkenstocks come in a variety of colours, styles and materials. But their main attribute, which separated them from the sandals of the time in the 18th Century, is the arched sole which supports and contours the foot. This gives Birkenstocks wearers supreme comfort, making them one of the most comfy shoes styles for summer.

Ascent Groove

Suffering from plantar fasciitis? 1 in 10 people will experience this irritating foot pain at least once in their life. But thankfully, there are a range of stylish and comfortable shoe styles for summer which are specially designed to counter the effects of, and help your recover from, plantar fasciitis. The Ascent Groove is a recovery thong which provides soft, contoured support so that your feet can fully recover from plantar fasciitis without compromising your summer activities.


Flat thongs may be cheap and convenient, but everyone knows that they’re awfully harsh on the foot if you’re wearing them for long periods of time. That’s where the fabulous Archies women’s thongs can create a huge difference. As the name suggests, they feature a supporting arch which provides excellent comfort for daily wear in summer. More than a lifesaver, they’re a foot-saver!

Klouds Aurora

Who says that style has to compromise comfort? Klouds Aurora are a super popular type of women’s summer sandal which are named after the way they feel when wearing them: like a cloud! Featuring a contoured arch and three adjusting points, Klouds Aurora offer comfort while coming in a range of different styles.

Want to check out all of these comfy summer shoe styles, plus loads more? Forbes Footwear are at your service. They stock a massive range of comfortable summer shoe styles, including all of these mentioned options and vast collection of others, too. With professional fitters on hand, Forbes ensures that you’ll walk away feel comfortable and confident in your new summer shoes. The Forbes philosophy is simple: deliver quality products at fair prices and keep customers happy as can be. Browse the range online today!