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How Do I Find The Right Shoe For My Foot?

Shopping for the right shoe for your foot can be trickier than it seems. You don’t just want style or a great price, but also comfort, quality and practicality. Finding the right shoe for your foot will make physical activity easier, allowing you to stay active and avoid aching feet or, worse, injury. Today we touch base with the experts from Forbes Footwear who will shed some light on how to find the right shoe for your foot!

Visit a footwear store

Sure, sometimes online shopping can be handy. You don’t have to leave your house, you can do it on your terms and there’s a much wider variety of options. But this isn’t always the case. Other times, heading into a trusted footwear store is a smarter move… if you pick the right store, of course. It’s best to check reviews to ensure you are receiving quality service from your footwear store.

Try before you buy

Trying before buying lets you really get a feel for the shoe, ensuring your expectations of comfort and style are greatly exceeded before purchasing. We’ve all received an online purchase and discovered that it looks nothing like it did online and just feels plain uncomfortable! Professional fitters can help you find the perfect shoe that suits your individual needs, style and feet.

Consider insoles or orthotics

Sometimes, you can have a great pair of shoes, with great reviews online and your feet can still ache. Insoles or orthotics are likely to fix that as they’re designed to redistribute pressure and restore natural foot function. Having your foot measured by a professional will help gauge whether or not innersoles or orthotics are a suitable option for you. This also allows you to try the inserts in appropriate shoes to receive maximum comfort.

Visit a podiatrist

A podiatrist is a medical specialist who specialises in all things feet. They can diagnose and treat conditions like bunions, hammertoes, diabetes, heel pain and so much more. Initially, they examine how you walk, stand and check if your shoe is right for your foot. A podiatrist may recommend custom-made orthotics, which are a complete gamechanger. Orthotics are an investment, so you want to make sure you get the most benefit out of them. It’s important to ensure your shoe is compatible with orthotics; sadly, some don’t cater for them at all.

Don’t stress about finding the right shoe for your foot. Let the experts at Forbes Footwear do it for you! Forbes Footwear is the longest operating retail store in Hornsby, servicing the community since 1940. Forbes Footwear supply innersoles and orthotics and specialise in providing supportive, comfortable and stylish shoes at a great price. Visit in-store for an expert fitting to ensure you’re matched with the right shoe for your foot.