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How To Choose The Best School Shoes

Going shopping for avocados is quite simple. First, you inspect the avocado, taking note of its colour, aiming for a dark green shade which indicates ripeness. Next, you check the firmness, hoping for a slightly soft texture, rather than super firm. And finally, maybe even a quick whiff to check its fragrance, which hints at its flavour.

Is shopping for school shoes the same? Not really – there’s actually a lot more to consider than when you’re shopping for avocados. But here, the school shoe specialists at Forbes Footwear give us a detailed guide on how to choose the best school shoes, helping you make the right choice this school year.

3 main considerations:

There are 3 main considerations when choosing the best school shoes: comfort/support, durability and style. Let’s go through each of these factors and explain how to assess them.

  • Comfort and support
    Your child wears school shoes for around 7-8 hours a day, so you want to be totally sure that the shoes offer comfort and support for the duration of a school day. While most top-quality school shoe brands, like Clarks, Ascent and ROC, offer excellent support, each child’s foot is different, and it’s advisable to get a professional fitting before purchasing school shoes.
    Finding the right school shoe is important for your child’s growth and development. An ill-fitting shoe with poor support can contribute to foot problems later in life, so a free, professional fitting from Forbes Footwear well worth the trip.
  • Durability
    A pair of school shoes gets lots of wear throughout the year: around 1500 hours per year, in fact. In order for them to last a year or more, school shoes have to be quality-made. A reputable, trusted brand is the first thing to look for when choosing the best school shoes for durability. Forbes Footwear only stocks well-loved brands like Clarks and Ascent, which are known for their build quality.
  • Style
    And of course, style is chief factor when choosing the best school shoes this season. While all school shoes are black and made of leather, they may all look the same to parents – but your child will beg to differ! It’s important your child feels confident in their school shoes, so choosing a style that they like is also one of the top factors in choosing the right shoes.
So, where can you find the best school shoes that are comfortable, durable and stylish, but also affordable? Forbes Footwear! As Sydney’s best team for school shoes, they ensure that your child will be as best prepared as can be for the school year. Since 1940, they’ve been Sydney’s finest team in shoe retail. The Forbes philosophy is simple: deliver quality products at fair prices and keep customers happy as can be. Browse the range online today!