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How To Choose The Right Shoes For Different Activities

It’s a real facepalm moment, isn’t it? Seeing someone wearing the wrong shoes for the wrong activity?

Whether it’s your goofy uncle who’s wearing runners to a wedding, or a friend who’s donning thongs on a bushwalk, the wrong shoe choice can be plain obvious sometimes.

But other times, it’s less so. Small differences in shoe type can have huge impacts on your feet, for better or for worse.

Let’s take a look at how to choose the right shoes for different activities, explained by the experts at Forbes Footwear.

Running shoes

Running shoes aren’t all made the same. Long distance running, for example, requires your feet to be cushioned more, which is why long distance running shoes contain more cushioning underfoot with a higher profile. This is different from mid range running shoes, which are less cushioned, tighter, and lighter with a lower profile. As an example, the Hoka Bondi 8 is maximally cushioned, making it a perfect shoe for long-distance runs, whereas the New Balance Arishi is lighter and lower-profiled as a more all round option.

Gym shoes

Focusing on the whole body, rather than just running? Gym shoes are a different thing once again. If your gym routine usually consists of mixed activities, like running, cycling and lifting weights, then you’ll want a versatile, medium-profile shoe which isn’t too heavy or too light. The New Balance 680 is a perfect example of a solid gym shoe; it’s lightweight, breathable and medium-cushioned.

Hiking shoes

Hiking can mean many things. It can mean a gentle climb on a well-established track, or a steep, rocky journey where no hiker has hiked before! For the latter, you’ll need a fully waterproof hiking boot with a cleated rubber outer sole, like the Merrell Moab Adventure. It features arch-supported liners which provide all day comfort, no matter how many boulders you climb.

For hikes on well-established tracks, a nicely-cushioned running shoe, preferably with strong heel support will do the job perfectly.

Casual shoes

We’ll step back from the scientific and factual stuff now, and let you decide when it comes to casual shoes! From leather boots to boat shoes to casual sneakers, there are endless options for looking good on the weekend. Running shoes may be fantastic on the track, but you simply can’t wear them everywhere.

Now that you know exactly what kind of shoes you need for different activities, browse the range at Forbes Footwear to get yourself a pair of high quality shoes at a great price. Forbes Footwear have been Sydney’s leading team of footwear professionals since 1940 – an unparalleled amount of experience in the industry. Pop into see the team at their Hornsby location, or check out the catalogue online.