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How to Choose the Right Shoes for Your Active Lifestyle

How to Choose the Right Shoes for Your Active Lifestyle

We Australians are busy little bees. We put in 8 hours of work each day, take our kids to and from school, catch up for drinks with our friends, cook dinner, and try to squeeze in as much exercise as we can. We’re always on the go!

To facilitate such an active lifestyle, we need several important tools. The most important one? Coffee, of course. The next most important? High quality, properly-fitting shoes!

But while most Australians have no problem finding their favourite coffee shop, we’re much less adept at choosing the right shoes, leading to foot pain and other complications. So, here, the team at Forbes Footwear explains the right type of footwear depending on your lifestyle and activities of choice!

Shoes for standing all day at work

Many different jobs in Australia require us to be on our feet all the time. And while it’s good to be literally ‘kept on our toes’, we need the right shoes to do this comfortably and safely. From retail to hospitality to healthcare, about 21 percent of Australians spend almost the whole time at work on their feet.

For jobs that require standing all day, it’s recommended to wear shoes that provide excellent arch support. Since your arches are the shock absorbers of your feet, it’s important to choose shoes that have sufficient support around the midsole area as well as strengthened heel counters. Forbes Footwear has a large range of walking shoes which offer great arch support.

Shoes for jogging

Love nothing more than an early morning or post-work jog? While jogging is excellent for your cardiovascular health, it can be detrimental on your foot health if you’re not wearing the right shoes. Jogging shoes are similar to walking shoes, except that they need to be lighter while providing even more cushioning around the high-impact areas of your foot like heel, arch and ball.

No matter what type of activity you’re doing, Forbes Footwear has the right shoe for it. They’re Sydney’s specialists in high-quality shoes, ensuring the perfect fit so that you can buy with confidence. Since 1940, they’ve been Sydney’s finest team in shoe retail. The Forbes philosophy is simple: deliver quality products at fair prices and keep customers happy as can be. Browse the range online today, or visit their Hornsby location.