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Orthotics vs Orthopaedics

If you’re suffering from foot pain, or simply want a more comfortable and supportive shoe, you’ll have probably heard of two solutions:

1) orthotics and

2) orthopaedic shoes.

They sound similar, they look similar in writing and they provide similar functions, but these two foot-supportive solutions have a few key differences.

Let’s allow the experts at Forbes Footwear to outline the differences of orthotics vs orthopaedics and help you choose the right option for you!

What are orthotics?

Orthotic insoles are special shoe inserts which are custom-designed based on your foot structure. They are simply inserted into your shoes to add better support and stability to your feet, completely changing the way your shoes support you. Orthotics vary in terms of material and features, and are designed by a specialist podiatrist clinic.

Benefits of orthotics

Orthotics come with many benefits. These include:

  • Excellent foot support
    The main benefit of orthotics is that they can provide potentially life-changing foot support, being used to treat foot pain and give users better stability and posture. Orthotics alter the pressure which comes from the ground to the foot, better distributing these forces to improve foot function and reduce strain.
  • Versatile
    Orthotics can be used in many different types of shoes to replace their original insoles. From running shoes to casual shoes to dress shoes, orthotics can be put into all of these shoes, meaning you’ll never have to go without supportive shoes.
  • Subtle
    One can’t tell that you’re wearing orthotics, since they go on the inside of the shoe.

What are orthopaedics?

Now, we come to orthopaedic footwear, which differs from orthotics. Orthopaedics are shoes that support the bio-mechanics and structure of your feet and ankles. Like orthotics, they’re designed to alter the pressure of the ground on your feet and improve function while reducing strain. They can include features such as easy fastenings, wide and deep toe boxes, soft uppers, padded tongues and extra cushioning.

Benefits of orthopaedics

There are some key benefits to orthopaedic shoes, which include:

  • Total foot support
    While orthotics provide excellent foot support, they focus mainly on the soles and arch of the feet. Orthopaedic shoes are designed to support the entire foot, with ankle and top of the foot support, too.
  • Range of different styles
    Orthopaedic shoes come in a range of different styles, allowing wearers to choose something that suits their personal taste as well as supports their feet.

Which is right for you?

Both orthopaedics and orthotics are excellent choices for those who want better foot stability and support. A podiatrist can recommend which option better suits you, so we suggest consulting one before making your decision.

If you want top-of-the-range orthopaedic and orthotic-friendly shoes, come in and see the team at Forbes Footwear Sydney. Our Hornsby shoe shop has over 80 years of tradition in helping customers find the best footwear for them. Great prices and excellent service are guaranteed. Browse online or give us a visit today.