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Pain Free Living: How Orthotic Shoes Are Changing Lives Beyond the Feet


Living with pain is tough, and sadly it affects too many people. Chronic pain affects over 4 million Australians, making work, family life, and sporting and social events more difficult.

If you’ve experienced foot pain, ankle pain or even knee and back pain, the answer could lie in your shoe choice. Orthotic shoes are changing lives beyond feet, giving Aussies more mobility and making for happier, healthier bodies.

Let’s ask the experts at Forbes Footwear and explain how orthotic shoes could be your ticket to pain-free living!

What are Orthotic (friendly) shoes?

An Orthotic shoe is a shoe that either comes with a bodyweight supporting arch built in, or is able to accommodate inserting an arch support or custom made orthotic. For this to be effective not only is the standard innersole removeable but they also come with additional features such as stiffened heel counters, extra depth toe boxes to work with the insert. At Forbes Footwear we generally refer to shoes that allow for an orthotic to be added as “Orthotic friendly”.  For ease in this article we will refer to them generally as orthotic shoes.

These shoes can help to improve foot, ankle, and leg health as well as posture. They differ from regular shoes by providing extra structure and cushioning. These factors help reduce the amount of strain placed on the feet. They also feature adjustable straps, laces, and other fastenings to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. For minor ailments, a comfortable shoe with a wide fit, good cushioning and reinforced support may be all you need for better foot health.

How orthotic shoes promote pain-free living outside of feet

But feet are just one area of the body which can be improved by orthotic shoes. They can prove life-changing in other parts of the body too, including ankles, back, hips, knees and legs:

  • Ankle alignment
    Orthotic shoes have been proven to lead to better ankle alignment than regular shoes. If you often find yourself with sore ankles after a day at work, or at a long social event, orthotic shoes could be the answer for you. These shoes are designed to align your ankles correctly, placing less pressure on them and reducing unwanted movement while promoting a natural stride.
  • Improved posture
    Correct footwear can often have a huge impact on your posture. Shoes that lack support and improperly distribute your weight make your posture worse. High-heeled shoes, for example, adversely affect spinal curvature and increase low back pain. Orthotic shoes, on the other hand, promote spine alignment, reducing neck and back pain.
  • Improved athletic performance
    Love keeping active but can’t seem to shake that foot or ankle pain? Switching to orthotic shoes can be a gamechanger for athletes. By correcting ankle alignment, foot support and posture, orthotic shoes lower the risk of injury during activity, improving your ability to enjoy walking, hiking and other sports. There is also a growing movement towards recovery footwear after exercise. That is arch supported but soft slides / thongs to support and cushion your tired feet.

Give your body the gift of orthotic shoes from Forbes Footwear. We’re Sydney’s specialists in supplying high-quality, stylish and supportive footwear for men, women and children. Forbes Footwear has been providing Australians with healthy footwear for over 80 years, so we know what makes a great shoe. Browse the range online today, or come visit our Hornsby location for a professional fitting.