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Shoe Shopping Tips for Finding the Perfect Pair Every Time


Shoe shopping is a whole load of fun – but only if you’re able to choose the perfect pair of shoes every time. There’s nothing worse than ordering a pair of shoes online that look nice, but make your feet feel trapped, sore and heavy!

But that’s what this article is going to address. Here, the experts at Forbes Footwear outline the top tips for finding the perfect pair of shoes, every time, without fail.

From dress shoes to daily runners, your feet will remain comfy and healthy after reading this post!

Visit a store for a professional fitting

Online shoe shopping is convenient a lot of the time. There’s no traffic to worry about, no parking space to stress out over, and no time to take out of your busy schedule. But if the shoes arrive and they aren’t what you were hoping for, or they don’t fit well, is online shoe shopping really more convenient than popping into the store?

Shoes that have been bought online have a huge return rate of around 35%. This means that one in three times that you buy shoes online, you’re going to have to return them because the fit wasn’t perfect, or they weren’t as comfortable as you hoped. By visiting the store for a professional fitting, you can make sure that your new kicks fit well and are comfy.

Take note of high-quality brands

Brand reputation means everything in the world of shoes – not just in terms of ‘fitting in’ because certain shoe brands are popular, but because of manufacturing quality. There’s a reason your Rockport or Florsheim will generally last well over years of consistent wear, whereas those dollar-store joggers fall apart within a few months. Look for high quality brands and you’ll find the perfect pair of shoes each time.

Width is important

Yes, the length of our shoes is often the most important factor. But that doesn’t mean we should ignore the width of our shoes. Everyone’s foot width is different, which is why it’s so important to consider the width when finding comfy shoes. Knowing whether you need a regular fit or wide fit shoe is key to keeping your feet happy – something a professional fitting at Forbes Footwear can help you with.

Make sure you like them

There’s no point going and finding comfy, supportive shoes if you’re always going to pick your old, worn-out favourites over them. Make sure you like the shoes you’re buying, as well as ticking the practicality boxes.

At Forbes Footwear, we know how important it is to choose the right pair of shoes. That’s why we stock a huge range of shoes of all kinds, for men, women and children, across a range of quality brands. We’ve been providing Australians with healthy footwear for over 80 years, so we know what makes a great shoe. Browse the range online today, or come visit our Hornsby location for a professional fitting.