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Shoe Shopping Tips for Larger Feet

Shoe Shopping Tips for Larger Feet

Shoe shopping for larger feet has always presented issues. You see a pair of sneakers on TV you really like? They don’t have your size. Your friend shows off her new, comfy runners? They stock your size, but they run small! Fell in love with some clogs in Amsterdam? Good luck fitting into those…

So, how can we get around these constant pitfalls of buying shoes for larger feet?

In this post, Forbes Footwear brings you the answers, solving your shoe dilemma by bringing you the best tips when shoe shopping for larger feet.

Choose a retailer with great stock

Sure, every shoe shop should carry larger sizes of shoes – but sadly, not all of them do. That’s why it’s imperative to find a shoe retailer that carries a good range of larger shoe sizes.

Forbes Footwear has got you covered in that department. Our range of extra-large shoe sizes caters for both men and women with larger feet. From casual shoes to dress shoes to work shoes, we make sure your feet are comfy round the clock, no matter their size.

Keep your eye out for certain brands

You’ve probably noticed this yourself: some brands do big feet better than other brands do. It can be frustrating looking for brands of shoes you really like, but then realising they don’t make anything in your size. Thankfully, there are plenty of high quality shoe brands which make large sizes – you just need to know where to look. At Forbes Footwear, we make sure to stock plenty of large-size shoes from brands such as Slatters, HOKA, Florsheim, New Balance, Klouds, Hush Puppies and more. These brands are known for including those of us with larger feet, for both men and women’s styles, which you can browse here.

Hard-to-fit feet

There’s a difference between feet that are large and feet that are hard-to-fit. Larger feet are simply big, but they’re generally in proportion. Hard-to-fit feet are often wider than other feet and not necessarily larger in length. Some brands such as Propet for example, have ranges of specifically wider shoes for hard-to-fit feet.

Check the size description

Particularly with mens shoes there are a lot of shoes that are sold in US sizes. Although consistency is hard to find and there are a lot of size variances remember that anything in US sizes fits approximately one size smaller than something sold in traditional UK sizes.

Forbes Footwear are Sydney’s specialists in high-quality shoes. Since 1940, we’ve been Sydney’s finest team in shoe retail. The Forbes philosophy is simple: deliver quality products at fair prices and keep customers happy as can be. Browse the range online today, or visit our Hornsby location.