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Shoes and Confidence: How Your Footwear Impacts Your Self Image


Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe.

A work meeting where you’re presenting in front of your managers; meeting your partner’s parents for the first time; giving a speech at a wedding – all of these situations require you to be at your most confident.

And while confidence may not come naturally to most of us, it doesn’t have to involve 6 weeks of overpriced ‘life coaching’ from a guy with excessive hair gel and teeth whitening – it can be as simple as a new shirt or a new pair of comfy shoes!

Shoes are one of those things that can prove a real confidence booster in high-stress situations. They’re our first point of contact with the ground, helping to literally ‘stay grounded’ and keep ourselves stable, while outwardly presenting ourselves in our best possible light.

Here’s how footwear impacts your self-image and how a new pair of quality shoes from Forbes Footwear can be a total gamechanger to your confidence!

First impressions

Several studies indicate that humans, on average, form an opinion of someone within the first 7 seconds of meeting them. One of the first indicators we look to within that 7 seconds? Funnily enough, one’s shoes. Princeton University conducted a study that revealed a person’s shoes play a big part in forming an opinion on them, proving that first impressions really do count and that shoes have a considerable impact on first impressions.

At work or social events, wearing high-quality and presentable shoes can help you feel confident that you’re making a great first impression. While we’re sure you’ll make a fantastic impression, a shoe upgrade can help you feel as confident as possible.

Comfortable and concentrated

Imagine presenting to your managers at work while wearing shoes that were a size too small; you’d feel agitated, uncomfortable and distracted, hindering your ability to deliver the presentation at your best. Wearing a comfortable, well-fitting pair of shoes gives you one less thing to worry about, allowing you to remain focused on the task you’re doing.


For thousands of years, clothes and accessories have been items of self-expression: from the ancient Egyptians wearing gold necklaces and bracelets to a modern teenager ordering the latest pair of sneakers. Shoes are a way to convey an imagine about yourself. Perhaps you’re a professional and reliable worker, a quirky and creative type, or a talented athlete – you can tell a lot about someone wearing black leather shoes, pink army boots or a brand new pair of New Balance runners!

Looking for that ultimate confidence boost? Pop in to see the team at Forbes Footwear in Sydney. We’re one of Australia’s best retailers for high-quality, comfortable and health-improving footwear, stocking only the best brands of stylish yet supportive shoes. Browse our range online and make the most of free shipping on orders over $180.