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Shoes For Bunions

Having bunions isn’t too much fun. Not only do they make your feet stiff and are sometimes painful, they make finding appropriate-fitting shoes much more difficult. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy comfortable and stylish shoes when you’ve got bunions.

Forbes Footwear is Sydney’s specialist retailer of shoes for bunions and other foot problems. We guarantee that you’ll find a shoe that accommodates for your bunions and alleviates the pressure with our range of excellent quality wide-set shoes.

Let’s take a look at finding the right shoes for bunions at Forbes Footwear:

What are bunions?

A bunion is a bony bump that forms on the joint at the base of the big toe, most often caused by tight-fitting shoes, arthritis and foot stress. Bunions can cause bone deformities, pain and stiffness.

How to treat bunions

The best way to treat bunions is simply by changing your shoes to a less tight, wider pair of shoes. This allows for your feet to spread out, giving your toes plenty of room. Pain medication and, in extreme cases, surgery are also options.

Shoes for bunions

Research is showing us that footwear has a huge impact on bunions. 35% of bunions are caused by inappropriate footwear, which is why it’s a condition mainly affecting women (due to the tight-fitting shoes typically worn by women, like high heels and other shoes with a narrow point).

It’s no secret that having bunions makes it more difficult to find correct-fitting shoes. However, Forbes Footwear stocks a wide range of shoes for bunions which are quality-made, stylish and super comfortable.

Men’s shoe brands for bunions

Men with bunions can enjoy access to a wide range of appropriate-fitting shoes at Forbes Footwear. Some of our favourite shoe brands for bunions include: 

  • Propet
    Propet is a high-quality shoe manufacturer that specialises in extra care for your feet. Making shoes that focus on comfort, stability and protection, Propet shoes are perfect for those with foot conditions like bunions, corns and even complications arising from diabetes.

Women’s shoe brands for bunions

Since bunions are more likely to affect women than men, we stock a wide range of women’s shoes for bunions. These include: 

  • Klouds
    High-quality and extra supportive while remaining stylish, Klouds shoes are one of the best brands for women with bunions. Klouds have a huge range of shoes in several different styles, meaning you’ll find the right pair of bunion-appropriate shoes for every occasion.
  • Propet
    Propet also makes several bunion-appropriate shoes for women, featuring a stable yet stylish design.

Give your feet the breathing space they need when you visit the team at Forbes Footwear and invest in a pair of shoes for bunions! Forbes Footwear stock only the best shoes for bunions, across a range of brands and in several styles. Our high-quality, affordably priced range is sure to wow anyone. Visit our team or browse online today!