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Shoes For Wide Feet

Having wide feet comes with some serious advantages. Better balance, improved athletic performance, less risk of foot complications like bunions and corns, and better swimming ability are all some of the things you must love about having a wider-set foot.

But there’s one aspect of having wide feet that slightly complicates everyday life – and that’s finding correct-fitting footwear!

If you’ve got wider feet, we understand the potential stress that this presents. But that’s why Forbes Footwear stocks plenty of shoes for wider-set feet, ensuring that everyone finds the perfect fit.

Let’s discuss shoes for wide feet and outline a few of our favourite manufacturers that make wide versions of their shoes.

How to choose the right shoe for wide feet

If you’re looking for shoes for wide feet, the first thing you should do is pop in to see the team at Forbes Footwear Sydney and get a professional fitting. This allows our team to see exactly how wide your foot is and select the right shoe from there.

Once we know your foot width, we can point you in the right direction for correct-fitting shoes in the style you desire. Our team specialises in:

  • Wide-set running shoes
  • Wide-set walking shoes
  • Wide casual shoes
  • Wide dress shoes
  • Wide comfort shoes

Shoe manufacturers for wide men’s shoes

Men with wide feet often run into problems finding a shoe manufacturer that supplies an extra-wide size. However, Forbes Footwear stocks several brands that offer wide sizes. Some of our favourites are:

  • New Balance
    A brand that is famous for prioritising comfort and foot support over other factors, New Balance is one of the best-selling shoe brands for wide feet.
  • Propet
    Propet is a shoe manufacturer that makes wide-set shoes for various purposes. From walking shoes to dress shoes, Propet makes high quality shoes which are excellent for wide-footed men.

Shoe manufacturers for wide women’s shoes

Leave high heels and stilettos in the closet! Not only are they inconvenient for wide-footed women, they’re also terrible for your foot and ankle health. Instead, opt for one of these high-quality women’s shoe manufacturers that specialises in wide shoes:

  • Klouds
    Klouds is known for being an orthotic-friendly, foot-health-positive brand of shoe which is designed in Australia. Forbes Footwear stock a variety of shoes by Klouds which are perfect for those of us with wide feet.
  • Propet
    Propet also have a women’s range which we endorse just as much as their men’s range.

Say goodbye to squeezing your foot into narrow shoes and say hello to total foot comfort when you step in to Forbes Footwear and invest in shoes for wide feet! Forbes Footwear stock only the best wide-set shoes, across a range of brands and in several styles. Our high-quality, affordably priced range is sure to wow anyone. Visit our team or browse online today!