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The Connection Between Footwear and Posture: How to Improve Your Posture with the Right Shoes

The Connection Between Footwear and Posture: How to Improve Your Posture with the Right Shoes

Slumping at your desk at work? Constantly sore neck and shoulders? Feet and ankles are sore too?

Choosing better footwear can definitely help. You may not initially think it, but there’s a big connection between footwear and posture. If you’re not wearing properly supportive footwear, there’s a big chance it will negatively affect your posture!

So, how can you improve your posture with better shoes? Let’s ask the team at Forbes Footwear, Sydney’s experts in finding you comfortable, supportive shoes.

Arch support

Arch support plays an important role in maintain a good posture. If the curvature of the ball of your foot isn’t properly supported, this imbalance can affect your entire body, resulting in poor posture.

If you feel your shoes could be more arch-supporting, then visit the team at Forbes Footwear. They can find a shoes that fit better, provide better support and allow you to maintain a better posture too. They can also provide insoles and recommend seeing a podiatrist if your feet problems persist.

Shoes that have worn out

Shoes don’t stay in the same shape forever. Sadly, even the best of them will wear out and need replacing eventually. Even if your shoes have been supportive and comfortable for their whole life, if they’ve worn out in terms of support, it’s probably time for an upgrade; continuing to wear worn-out shoes can also lead to poor posture.

Negative effects of poor posture

Having poor posture has a range of negative implications. Some of the main reasons why we want to maintain good posture, and avoid having poor posture, include:

  • Back pain
    If you’ve ever found yourself slumping in a chair and have become sore after a while, this is a direct example of how poor posture can affect your body. Back pain is common for those with poor posture.
  • Spine curvature
    Even just reading the words ‘spine curvature’ should send alarm bells ringing! Spine curvature is frightening idea, and sadly it’s one of the side effects of having poor posture, as additional pressure is put on your spine which causes it to bend.
  • Neck pain
    Neck pain is another nasty side effect of poor posture. Poor posture stresses your posterior muscles which leads to neck pain. Whether your shoulders are hunched forward or your head is aimed downward, this stresses your neck muscles and can also lead to headaches. Better footwear can help this.

Want to improve your posture with better footwear? Come in and see the team at Forbes Footwear. They’re Sydney’s specialists in high-quality shoes, ensuring the perfect fit so that you can buy with confidence. Since 1940, they’ve been Sydney’s finest team in shoe retail. The Forbes philosophy is simple: deliver quality products at fair prices and keep customers happy as can be. Browse the range online today, or visit their Hornsby location.