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The Impact Of Shoes On Foot Health And Posture

You can eat all the kale at supermarket, do more yoga than a Gen Z-er from Byron Bay and drinks 10 cups of green tea per day – but if you’re not wearing the right shoes, you still won’t be your happiest, healthiest self!

Choosing the right footwear has a huge impact on foot health and posture. If your shoes aren’t fitting correctly, you could be setting yourself up for foot problems, or even incorrect posture, later down the track.

So, let’s drop that yoga class for now, and get on top of this early. Here, we let the experts at Forbes Footwear explain the impact of shoes on foot health and posture.

Foot health

The thing about foot health is that it matters for all foot types. Whether you’ve got high, medium or low arches, wearing the wrong type of shoes can negatively impact your foot health:

  • High arches
    If your feet have high arches, then there’s more pressure being placed on your heels and balls. You’re more susceptible to heel pain and conditions such as plantar fasciitis when wearing the wrong type of shoes, and require good arch support to alleviate the pressure from the front and back of your feet.
  • Medium arches

    Considered the most biomechanically efficient type of foot, medium arched feet can still experience poor foot health if you’re not wearing the right shoes. Ensuring you’ve got sufficient cushioning, a proper fit, and solid support is key to keeping medium arched feet in good health.
  • Low arches, or flat feet
    Sadly, low arches and flat feet can cause a myriad of problems if not equipped with the right footwear. Flat feet can cause the foot to roll too far inward with each step, leading to a number of foot and ankle problems. It’s best to get on top of the correct footwear early if your feet have low arches.

Ankles, legs and back

Shoes don’t just impact your foot health, but your ankle, leg and back health, too. Improper footwear can actually prevent the muscles around these body parts from working efficiently, causing them to weaken as time goes by.

This can lead to a number of issues, and it’s not uncommon for physios and osteopaths to look your feet and footwear when you’re experiencing pain in these areas.


And finally, shoes can have an impact on your posture. The curve of your foot supports the curve of your spine, and good shoes should provide proper support to the whole body. Wearing uncomfortable shoes like high heels all day, for example, can be super detrimental to your posture.

Leave foot pain and poor posture in the past! Pop in to see the team at Forbes Footwear and give your feet the gift of a professional fitting. Accurately measuring your feet and supplying them with the best quality, most comfortable shoes, Forbes Footwear has been your team of choice for excellent value shoes since 1940.