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The Impact of Shoes on Posture and Foot Health


Watching a supermodel strut down the runway, in heels that look almost impossible to wear, may be fun for the viewer… but it’s certainly not fun for the supermodel’s feet!

Wearing shoes like that is really the worst thing you can do to your foot health, as well as your posture… but hey, if you’re a supermodel, you can probably afford those podiatrist bills.

But unless you’re planning on perfecting your catwalk, then you can rule out those ultra-high heels and focus on maintaining great posture and foot health with shoes that are not only supportive but stylish, too.

In this article, Sydney’s experts at Forbes Footwear explain the impact of shoes on posture and foot health.

How important is shoe choice in maintaining good posture and foot health?

Shoe choice is one of the most important factors in maintaining great posture and foot health. Our shoes can impact our body in many ways. Choosing supportive, well-fitting shoes can promote proper spinal alignment, even weight distribution, muscle health and even pressure distribution throughout the foot.

Conversely, choosing the wrong type of shoes can negatively affect these parts of your body. High-heeled shoes, as an extreme example, can result in posture deviations, muscle imbalances, metatarsalgia, bunions and even ankle problems like torn ligaments.

Correct shoes for improving posture and foot health

If you want to avoid curving your spine over time and maintain a better posture, you should be investing in shoes that help you do this. Certain brands of walking shoes and running shoes are recommended by podiatrists, and these include certain models by HOKA, New Balance and Saucony as sports shoe brands as well as brands like Rockport, Ascent and Florsheim as more traditional options.

These shoes generally feature:

  • Good arch support
    Arch support is key in maintaining great foot health. Shoes that support your arches distribute the pressure across your foot, placing less stress on your ball and heel. This can stave off issues like plantar fasciitis and lower back pain.
  • Heel stability
    Well-supported heels are an important feature to look out for when purchasing the right shoes. A supportive heel counter can improve the alignment of your feet, leading to healthier and better-supported ankles, as well as improved mobility and function.
  • Toe flexibility
    While the sole of the shoe around your toes should be supportive, it should offer flexibility, too. Your toe and ball area is naturally flexible, so wearing shoes that accommodate for this improves your range of motion when walking, kneeling and bending over.

Don’t let your shoe choice affect your posture and foot health – ditch those high-heels and pop in to see the team at Forbes Footwear! We’re Sydney’s specialists in supplying high-quality, stylish and supportive footwear for men, women and children. Forbes Footwear has been providing Australians with healthy footwear for over 80 years, so we know what makes a great shoe. Browse the range online today, or come visit our Hornsby location for a professional fitting.