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The Rise of Athleisure: How Sneakers Became Fashion Staples


From the track to the runway, sneakers have had quite the journey over the past few decades. From being exclusively considered a sports shoe to becoming an everyday fashion staple, sneakers have well and truly cemented their place in modern fashion.

And there’s no wonder why! They’re sleek, lightweight, varied in appearance and style, and (for the most part) quite comfy.

Not all sneakers are made the same, however, and some are more supportive and better for your feet than others – something to always keep in mind when looking for stylish yet suitable sneakers.

Running Shoes vs Fashion Sneakers

As the name suggests running shoes are designed for running long distances. They have changed and developed quickly over the past 4-5 decades both in appearance, features and technology. They have found their way into everyday fashion meaning you can reap the benefits of their cushioning and support in a shoe you can wear every day. Top brands such as New Balance, HOKA and Saucony are constantly developing and evolving.

Brands that are not considered running brands such as Merrell, Propet and Klouds also provide shoes to give you a similar soft feeling in an everyday casual shoe. They don’t have the same running technology but often provide a similar feel for those of us who are not runners, but like the comfort, often at  a lower price.

The fashion sneaker trend has exploded in recent years to the point you can wear them for pretty much any occasion. These shoes will give you all day comfort underfoot, with or without arch support depending on your preference. No need to wear heels!

Brands such as Klouds, Cabello, Taos, and Suave provide options at all types of dress levels.

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