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Tips For Finding Shoes That Fit Properly And Comfortably

When it comes to clothing, the type of fit has gone in and out of fashion for years. In the ‘60s, it was all about tight-fitting dresses and shirts. In the ‘90s, baggy fashion took the world by storm.

But ever noticed how shoes are completely exempt from the swinging pendulum of how our clothes fit?

You never exactly see someone walking around with shoes too tight or too loose as a fashion statement, and that’s because it’d be a bit silly!

Finding shoes that fit properly and comfortably has always been a priority, no matter the current style or trend.

In this post, the team at Forbes Footwear help us stay on track and find shoes that fit properly and comfortably.

Get a professional fitting

A quick, easy way to find properly fitting shoes is to get a professional fitting. With the world of online shopping dominating the market, a visit to the shoe shop may not be the first thing that springs to mind, but it’s certainly worth it if you want to treat your feet. A professional has the right foot measuring devices to get accurate measurements and find shoes that aren’t just the right size, but the right fit and amount of support.

Consider the width; not just the length

Most of us buy shoes based on the size indicated on the tongue, which is based on length. But our feet differ in terms of width, too, which is why it’s so important to consider the width when finding comfy, properly-fitting shoes. Knowing whether you need a regular fit or wide fit shoe is key to keeping your feet happy.

Know what you’re looking for

OK, so you’re looking for a running shoe. But what type of activities are you doing? Marathon running? Casual walking? The answer to this question will lead you to two completely different types of running shoes. For marathons, you’re looking at a heavier, higher profiled running shoe. For general purpose you’ll want a lighter build, lower profile and slightly tighter fit.

Investing in orthotics

And finally, orthotics can be the secret ingredient to finding shoes that fit properly and comfortably. A life-changing tool, orthotics are custom-moulded to accommodate your feet and make everyday tasks like walking and standing so much easier. A professional from Forbes Footwear can help you out if you’re on the hunt from some great orthotics.

Leave foot pain, leg pain and back pain in the past when you browse the range at Forbes Footwear to get yourself a pair of super-duper comfy kicks. Forbes Footwear have been Sydney’s leading team of footwear professionals since 1940 – an unparalleled amount of experience in the industry. Pop into see the team at their Hornsby location, or check out the catalogue online.