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Tips for Staying Comfortable on Long Walks

Tips for Staying Comfortable on Long Walks

Whether you take them along the beach, in the hills or simply around your neighbourhood, long walks have a number of benefits. They get our cardio going, they help burn calories and they improve our mood and clear our mind, too.

Just think about how great Kath and Kel felt after doing their signature speed walk on Kath & Kim!

But there’s just one thing that can annoyingly get in our way and turn a long walk into a short one – and that’s foot pain.

In this post, Forbes Footwear have outlined some of the best tips for staying comfortable on long walks.

Warm up your feet

When doing a warm up, it’s normal to stretch your calves and your hamstrings: but why wouldn’t you warm up your feet, too? There are a whole bunch of exercises you can do to properly warm up and stretch your feet and ankles. Even after a quick search on the internet, you’ll find plenty of exercises to do before your long walk, like toe raise, point and curls, toe splays, and toe extensions. Ankle circles are great for warming up your ankles before a long walk.

Wear the right shoes

Even the most experienced walkers can fall victim to wearing the wrong walking shoes. For long walks, choose a pair of walking shoes that provide more heel support and cushioning, and potentially some arch support. If you have your own orthotics to insert, look for shoes with key features to work with the orthotics such as stiffened heel counters, lace or velcro fixings, and potentially extra depth or at the very least removable manufacturers innersoles.

Wear the right socks

Avoid socks that are too thin, too tight, too big, are made of polyester and generally not comfortable. Some socks these days are made with embedded arch support. For for long walks, it’s best to choose higher quality socks which are breathable and easy on your feet’s skin and help to avoid blistering.

Snacks and water

Bringing plenty of snacks and water on your long walk is essential to staying comfortable. Water isn’t just important to stave off dehydration – it’s also imperative to avoid muscle cramps and potential foot cramps, which can quickly put an end to your long walk. As for snacks, go for a lightly-salted trail mix – something with nuts, dried fruits, and perhaps a little chocolate. The whole reason it’s called ‘trail mix’ is because it’s perfect for the trails of long walks!

Sun protection

If the sun is out, don’t forget to apply sunscreen, wear a broad-brimmed hat and bring your sunglasses. Beating the UV rays is one way to stay comfy and safe on a long walk outdoors.

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