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What Kind of Shoes should a Diabetic Wear

As a diabetic, the type of footwear chosen on a day-to-day basis is important. Why? Because one of the long-term complications of diabetes is ulceration of the foot – which is not only painful, but if left untreated can ultimately lead to amputation.

Selecting the right shoes for your feet can help prevent or delay the onset of ulcers; conversely, incorrect footwear can cause or accelerate their development. It is generally not advisable as a diabetic to walk around barefoot, or select shoes that feature pointed toes, high heels or are generally unsupportive – such as flat, thong-style sandals. High heels or flat soles in particular don’t allow for even distribution of foot pressure. It’s also a good idea to avoid synthetic shoes that don’t allow your feet to breathe.

The right shoes

Comfortable, supportive shoes are a must for diabetics. Look for styles that have good arch support and adequate cushioning to promote the even distribution of pressure. Ideally a shoe with a deep toe box and no seam ridges. You may find that soft in-soles are a good idea. Adjustability and correct fit is also important, as ill-fitting shoes – in particular those that are too small – lead to uneven pressure distribution and friction which can lead to associated issues such as rubbing, corns etc. Always select the right size and look for features such as laces or velcro that help accommodate a good fit. And of course, choosing shoes made from a natural material such as leather is a good way to ensure proper breathability and airflow.

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