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What Kind of Shoes Should you Wear if you have a Bunion

Bunions can be a real pain, not only in a literal sense but also in terms of finding correctly fitted shoes. Characterised by a “lump” on the side of the foot – normally beside the joint at the base of the big toe, but occasionally beside the little toe – bunions are thought to be caused by a misalignment that leads to abnormal stresses.

Due to the location and size of the average bunion, fitting shoes correctly can be a little tricky – however it is very important to find the right shoes, as ill-fitting footwear is thought to perhaps even contribute to the formation of bunions in the first place.

The right shoes

Tight, narrow shoes and high heels may contribute to the original problem according to some experts, and therefore these types of footwear will definitely create discomfort for those already suffering from the condition. As bunions make your forefoot wider, it’s important to be aware of how tightly shoes fit around the front of your foot; selecting roomy shoes with a wider toe box is typically a good starting point for bunion management.

Shoes that are cushioned and have plenty of give are also a good idea, as overly rigid or hard shoes are more likely to rub and create discomfort. Natural, breathable materials such as leather are generally considered the best option for overall foot health, however certain soft synthetic materials designed to stretch can also work well for accommodating bunions as they can sit around the area without creating any pressure.

Forbes Footwear can help

Forbes Footwear has been helping customers find the perfect shoes for over 80 years. With a broad range of women’s and men’s shoes – and a penchant for helping ‘problem feet’ – we have various options that are perfect for those suffering from bunions. Many of our shoes are designed to accommodate in-soles and orthotics, and can just as easily be used with bunion guards or pads. Order online for Australia-wide delivery, or visit our Hornsby, NSW store to have one of our experts pair you with the perfect shoes!