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Which Type Of Footwear Is Best In Summer?

Warm weather, suntans, the vague smell of a fired-up barbecue wherever you go… yep, it’s beginning to look a lot like summer in Australia! Most of us love the long days of constant sunshine that we experience in summer. But, if you’re not wearing the correct footwear, your feet may not be so keen on the summer season.

From uncomfortable, unsupportive thongs to closed shoes with no airflow, our feet can suffer during summer if we’re not careful. That’s why the team at Forbes Footwear are here to tell you about the best types of footwear in summer, so that the only effect of summer on your feet is a bit of a sandal tan!

Types of footwear to look for in summer:

When looking for the best type of footwear in summer, you want to make sure your kicks are comfortable, supportive and breathable. Here are some types of footwear which are the best in summer:

  • Recovery thongs
    Recovery thongs are especially designed for adults suffering from plantar fasciitis: a painful foot condition that can arise from wearing incorrect footwear. But little might you know, recovery thongs aren’t just great at treating foot conditions – they’re excellent at preventing them, too. With comfy, contoured arches, recovery thongs are the perfect alternative to flat-soled, cheaper thongs this summer.
  • Arched sandals
    Arched sandals are another gold-standard of footwear to choose this summer. Just like arched recovery thongs, arched sandals help to provide support to your feet. Birkenstocks are a great example of arched sandals for summer.

  • Breathable closed shoes
    Breathable closed shoes are the way to go over the summer. Your feet are likely to sweat if they can’t breathe properly, increasing your risk of athlete’s foot and bad smells. For dress shoes and sneakers, make sure you’re going for a model with plenty of airflow.

Types of footwear to avoid:

And make sure you’re avoiding these types of footwear during the summer:

  • Flat thongs
    Flat thongs are simply uncomfortable and provide no support for your feet! They increase your risk of conditions like plantar fasciitis.
  • Cheap sandals
No contoured arch, adjustable straps coming loose, holes appearing in the sole… this is what cheap sandals look like! Avoid cheap sandals at all costs – your feet will thank you later.

  • Unbreathable sneakers
    Like we said, there’s nothing worse than sweaty feet on a swelteringly hot day. Stay away from unbreathable closed shoes this summer.
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