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Which Type Of Shoes Are Best For Big Feet

If you’re someone with larger-than-average feet you probably know the struggle of trying to find a shoe that fits your feet. You’ve experienced the disheartening feeling of seeing a style you like, and knowing it probably isn’t carried in your size. It feels almost impossible to not only find a shoe that fits, but is equally comfortable and stylish. Today we consult Forbes Footwear, the experts in shoes, on which types of shoes are best for big feet.

Hush Puppies

Founded in 1958, Hush Puppies recognised the need for sophisticated shoes that didn’t substitute comfort. Providing a wide range of stylish shoes, ranging from leather lace ups, boots, sneakers, flats and even heeled options for dressier occasions – carrying large sizes for big feet and are known for their sleek finishes. Some Hush Puppies styles offer removable inner soles to cater for orthotics or allow a little more space for bigger feet.

New Balance

Looking for a reliable daily shoe that is kind on the feet and caters for bigger sizes? New Balance offers a wide range of running and walking shoes, carrying larger sizes for men and women. They also provide different width fittings to cater for those with wider feet. New Balance provide styles that are equally at home walking the shops or pounding the pavement.


Slatters, a proudly owned Australian company with over 140 years’ experience, are industry leaders, ensuring quality is not compromised. Most sheepskin boots are built small, narrow and flimsy, only lasting one Winter and needing to be replaced each year. The Slatters Bluesheep Ugg’s inner lining consists of Ewe Beaut Aussie Wool, and durable outer soles which are sure to last many Winters – making it the ultimate investment! Slatters also provide a wide range of leather lace-ups, loafers, boat shoes and sandals, running larger sizes and giving you the style options for each occasion.


Gone are the days of shoving your foot into a shoe and hoping it will stretch over time to allow for a subpar fit: Klouds are a must-have for women with a larger size foot! They are a podiatry-approved shoe to accommodate for larger sizing as well as common foot concerns such as plantar fasciitis, bunions and the need for orthotics. Offering a range of styles appropriate year-round including Mary- Janes, enclosed leather, Velcro options and sandals, Klouds are the perfect shoe for big feet. With handy adjustable features such as Velcro and straps, this gives you the freedom to adjust for the perfect fit.


Florsheim are a long established staple of the Australian mens shoe market. Their product range varies from mens formal business shoes to summer sandals with a wide range of casual shoes in between. Their styles generally feature quality leathers on comfortable footprints. They have a range of styles available in the larger sizes.


Merrell have a longstanding outdoors camping and hiking reputation but they also produce mens casual shoes available in some cases to a US size 15. So, where can you find shoes that are best for big feet? Forbes Footwear is the longest operating retail store in Hornsby, servicing the community since 1940, Forbes Footwear carry a large range of shoes for big feet, for every occasion.

View the range online today or visit in-store for an expert fitting to ensure you’re matched with the perfect shoe!