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Why Wearing Sandals Can Be Good for Your Feet

Summer is well on its way, meaning you can confidently put your winter boots to the back of your wardrobe and opt for something more appropriate to welcome the warmer weather.

Sandals have typically got a bad rap for foot health, particularly due to lack of support. But, today, the experts at Forbes Footwear shed some light on why wearing sandals can actually be good for your feet.


One of the things we love most about sandals is the fact they allow our feet to breathe, particularly on warmer days. This isn’t just a superficial preference but can actually prevent foot conditions like athletes’ foot or ingrown toenails which tend to thrive when wearing tight, ill-fitting, closed-in shoes.


We tend to be at our busiest when the weather is warmer. Wearing a sandal is practical; there’s essentially no preparation time unlike other shoes which require complicated knot-tying or adjusting. A sandal allows you to simply slide the shoe on and off. They’re a great option to protect your feet from the hot sand at the beach.

What makes a good sandal?

  • Arch support
    A sandal which includes good arch support is going to be kind on the base of your foot, which your foot and whole body will thank you for. Adequate arch support distributes the weight evenly to avoid tension and strain in the ball of the foot. Our choice is a classic option like Revere Miami – a top-rated sandal for arch support.
  • A good fit
    Don’t be that person wearing sandals which are too small, leaving your toes sticking out! Not only is it a poor look, but it can also cause future foot issues. The same goes for sandals too big - they generally feel uncomfortable, and you have a higher chance of rolling an ankle due to the ill fit. If you can, it’s a great idea to get fitted by a professional. They’ll ensure the fit of your sandal is just right. A sandal with an adjustable strap can be a great feature to ensure your foot is snug to avoid blisters and constant rubbing.
  • Cushioned
    A cushioned footbed is going to keep your foot pain-free so you can enjoy all the thrills summer has to offer. We can’t go past the Taos Trulie which only gets better with age as your foot’s natural contour moulds into the cosy footbed.
  • Stylish
    Last but not least, you’ll want to feel good while looking good when wearing sandals. Your sandal can be well-made, super comfy and a dream to walk in, but if you’re not happy with the style, chances are they won’t be your first pick.
Finding stylish and supportive sandals is a breeze at Forbes Footwear. Servicing the community since 1940, they’re the longest operating retail store in Hornsby. Forbes Footwear carry a large range of footwear options, catering for men and women of all ages. View the range online today or visit in-store for an expert fitting to ensure you’re matched with the perfect summer shoe!